postheadericon About APSW


The Association of Police Social Workers (APSW) is a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Illinois.  The APSW recognizes police social work as a specialization within the mental health field.  The APSW is a group of mental health professionals dedicated to the development, practice, and enhancement of social services provided within police department settings.  This corporation endorses quality services provided by its members within their respective communities.


The APSW is a corporation established for the purpose of:

  • Providing a forum for networking among APSW members.
  • Promoting awareness of police social work.
  • Supporting the continued professional development of its members.
  • Serving as a centralized resource on police social work.
  • Serve as a coordinating body to identify and address emerging professional needs.

Board of Directors

The Current APSW Board Members are:
  • President – Kristin Eby, Arlington Heights Police Department
  • Vice-President – Kristin Jordan, Schaumburg Police Department
  • Secretary – Geri Silic, Lincolnwood Police Department
  • Treasurer – Linda Young, Schaumburg Police Department